It’s That Comforting Feeling of Security That Matters

Even if the security guard is a dummy.

No, not that kind of dummy. An actual dummy.  Like the crash test kind.

via The Lost Ogle (clicking will take you there)

All that’s left at Crossroads since it became the property of the Fed are a couple of lingerie shops and one of those places with the swords. Well that, and a certain variety of sidewalk vendor.

Carry your guns because those tasked with our protection are sometimes real dummies.

4 thoughts on “It’s That Comforting Feeling of Security That Matters”

  1. Dang. Didn’t know the Fed was now in the business of selling naughty bits of clothing (stress on the “naughty bits” part) and swords. Guess since swords aren’t really used in “violent crime” anymore, they’re okay to sell. Hmmm…maybe if everyone were to go buy swords and attach “naughty bits” to them, the Fed wouldn’t be in such financial trouble (and could therefore keep their grubby paws out of my rather shallow pockets)?

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