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I’ve mentioned being strangely entertained by the self-immolation of the recent social network for people who don’t have a clue. Well I received word today that their site has been translated.  Please visit and have a look around.

I so wish I had something, anything, at all to do with this.  But sadly, no.  This brilliance did not come out of my head, but I am officially volunteering what services I may be able to offer such a fine piece of satire.  I am a believer in not feeding the trolls in the vast majority of cases.  That said, I am in support of full on mockery of trolls.

Well played.

5 thoughts on “Tell Your Friends”

  1. I spent a lot of time on that parody site. It’s pretty hilarious. The sad thing is that some of what I thought as parody was actually what they wrote on the real website. They are a bunch of sad pandas over there. Now, they have Walls of the City, Massad Ayoob, and what appears to be some porn in their “recently active profiles.” Classy. I’m sure Mass is thrilled to be there.

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