The Honest Gun Owner Meme

Well since OldNFO tagged me, I should certainly play along.  Particularly since proof of his point number two is riding in a lovely stingray holster on my hip right now. (He hates that gun.  And the stamp on right side of the slide is wonky. He tried and tried to talk me out of buying it since it’s the size of a toaster*.)

And Larry tagged me too! And called me awesome which is always a good thing.

Here’s the deal:

I will write down five things that indicate to me that a gun owner or shooter maybe is an honest one.  Then I will tag five other gun owners who are also bloggers and I hope will participate.

So here goes…

You might be an honest gun owner if:

1. When someone comments that you don’t need a particular course because you’ve got more advanced training, you comment something to the effect of there being no such thing as too much training in fundamentals. (I was the noob; Tam was the wise sage here.)

2. You admit your mistakes and share so that others may learn. (If you’ve told your ND story, I’m probably talking about you.)

3. You admit that you own some guns/accessories because you think they’re cool/nifty/shiny and not because you need it to be a serious operator.

4. When teaching someone else, you focus on them learning the skills instead of your resume.

5. That grin when you get to play with something new.  The one that says you are just having fun.

Okay, and then I tag 5 more.

1. EvylRobot, Holster Maker Extraordinaire, and my very best friend.

2. Christina because she was the host of the very first blogmeet I ever attended because

3. AEPilot Jim suggested she invite us.

4. DanielS who has been tirelessly mentoring us on our hunting journey.

5. Phlegmfatale, fellow shoe aficionado.

*FNP45-Tactical which really deserves a full write-up since it’s been riding on my hip nearly every day since Memorial Day weekend of last year.

3 thoughts on “The Honest Gun Owner Meme”

  1. accessory? heck, i just built a whole AR15, with all the tacticool doodads that i wanted on it just because it is nifty. i mean, i own 2 others and just how many of these things can i strap to my body during the zombie/terrorist invasion? the AR15 is the tinker toy set that shoots.

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