Your Mother Named You What?


The fleeing subject remains in stable condition at a local hospital.  He is identified as 20-year old Demontrail Lavon Smith (B/M, 08/01/1991).  Smith is charged with Pointing a Firearm and Possession of Marijuana.[emphasis mine]

Some of us struggle with living up to the expectations of our parents.  This guy?

His mother named him Demon Trail.

I suppose it’s a huge disappointment that he’s a petty criminal instead of the Anti-Christ.

10 thoughts on “Your Mother Named You What?”

  1. i can hear it now… “IT’S PRONOUNCED DAY-MON-TRELL.” and that’s said in a screechy outside voice, to boot.

    a few years ago i worked at another hospital in the city, and one of the nurses who called us regularly was named Latrine. pronounced the way it should be. because her mother must absolutely hate her.

  2. One of the local hospital staff came in the coffee shop in a state of shock a few weeks ago.

    One of the new mothers named her son Kwashiorkor. And could not be dissuaded even when she was told that is the name of a disease.


  3. heh. one of my “customers” years ago was named…no shite, by his mother, on his birth certificate…Precious Olive.

    he turned out a criminal too. 🙂

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