Mythbusting: FNP45Tactical vs Toaster

It’s been said a few times that I carry a gun the size of a toaster.  Yeah, the FNP-45tactical isn’t small, but really? A toaster?

Well let’s put that to the test.  Something people are always concerned about is weight.  Personally, I believe a good holster on a good belt will mitigate weight quite a bit.  Now maybe not the weight of a classic chrome and Bakelite General Electric toaster.

It’s a big toaster.  Especially for one that will only handle 2 slices of bread at a time.  But it is the best toaster ever.

And it apparently weighs 4lbs 7oz. The FN?

Let’s look a little closer

1lb 15oz. Not even close.

But Jen! It’s not like you carry it empty like that! 15+1 rounds of 45ACP makes a pretty major difference in weight.


So now we’re up to 2lbs 14oz. That’s still not classic toaster weight.  Maybe some of the new-fangled polymer toasters.

Oh, but I suppose we should take the reload into account as well.  I mean, 30 more rounds of 45ACP…

What’s that say?

1lb 11 oz which brings us to a whopping 4lbs 8oz.

Er. Hmm.

See! My carry gun is not the size of a toaster!

It’s bigger.

Myth Busted!

15 thoughts on “Mythbusting: FNP45Tactical vs Toaster”

  1. I really like the FNP-45, but after handling and shooting it, at least for the time being I’m going to stick with my heavy, under-capacity P220.

    On the other hand, I’ll soon be able to justify buying myself one “just because”. Maybe it’s time to switch my stuff from SIG to FN anyway.

  2. But if you include the ammunition for the toaster (a loaf of bread), you should still come out lighter, and less bulky as well.
    And just try concealed carry for a toaster…

  3. It’s all about the sample selection – you could always compare the gun/ammo with the toast-o-later instead. You fed toast into one end and it “walked” through on a conveyor belt until it came out the other end all toasted:

    That thing weighs a ton. I carry an FNP9 from time to time myself 🙂

  4. Jimmie: that sounds moderately impractical, not to mention heavy. A glock 18 would offer a more comfortable carry I’m sure; or even a PDW/SMG/carbine in a sling(heck some can be holstered…)


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