Clearing the Reader

I often mark posts as unread so I can come back later and link and say something thoughtful.  Well, there are too many things out there just now, so in the interest of sharing things that caught my eye and shamelessly linking people that actually did say something thoughtful…

-Heh.  I see what you did there. Nice one, GeekWarrior.

Robb talks about logic (or the lack thereof) of ATF regs.

Alan speaks the truth.  I must get an Apex order in.  Unless, of course, Apex is tired of people sending their hard-earned money and saying great things about their product and just wants to gift me some trigger goodness. #pipedream

Miguel makes me snicker

Lissa points out the obvious.  Yes, worth reading.

Uncle points out the story of Jeanne Assam.  This woman is hero and should be regarded as such.  It’s a shame she isn’t.

-Yes, exactly like that

G.F.E. Tactical is now open.  Awesome.  I like these people.  They are the ones that found it in their hearts to randomly mail me explosives.  This is the kind of gesture that goes a long way towards making me like you.  Forget chocolates, I like noisy gifts.

OMG! They did it! Put your beverage down.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you

-Patting the Drawn Cutlass on the back for noticing.

-And you should not under any circumstances click over here or here. I need all the chances I can get to win cool stuff.


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