When The Police Are Minutes Away

Seconds truly do count.

Brittany Zimmerman called 911 when someone was breaking into her apartment.  Forty-eight minutes later, the police arrived.  They arrived after her fiance had returned to find her body.  Her attacker had time to stab her multiple times and flee the scene before help arrived.  They’ve been unable to identify her murderer.

The police carry many useful tools for their day to day duties.  We expect them to be the hard men with guns standing between the good people and the criminals.  And when possible, they are.  Unfortunately, in calls like Brittany’s, the only tool they get to use is chalk.  This is all too often the case.

A lot of things can happen in forty-eight minutes.  After forty-eight minutes, the only useful tool the police officers are carrying is their chalk.  In the great state of New York, Brittany’s only legal choice was to have the chalk line drawn around her body.  Had she access to a shot-gun, that line could have been very different.  If New York were truly a free state, maybe Brittany would be continuing her quest to become a doctor and the worthless criminal would be rotting away.

Gunnies like to use the phrase, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”  I’m going to put a different spin on it.  “The police are armed with chalk, will they outline your body or the murderer’s?”

6 thoughts on “When The Police Are Minutes Away”

  1. I live here in Chicago. I was robbed at gunpoint about a month ago, in my own house… My phone and backpack were taken… The guy had a gun in my ribs and claimed he would shoot me if I didn’t cooperate. I gave everything up but gave chase, he hit me with the bun in the head. My neighbor called 911 and the police showed up promptly 25min later, I didn’t hear any sirens or see the “flood” of squads searching for the suspects. All I got was a pat-down and a free ride through the ghetto behind my house. They have yet to find anything. Bogus.

  2. Key words in your posting Jen “We expect them to be the hard men with guns standing between the good people and the criminals”

    They aren’t, and they never have been. Police are there to clean up the mess in the end. Sure, they will try and stop it if they can but for the most part they will show up once it’s all over with and try to then catch the person that did it. Cleaning up.

    The only person that can protect you from criminals is YOU. You understand this, but the roaming masses don’t. They think the cops are right there ready to save the day.

    Would be nice if that were the case, but it isn’t.

  3. That’s so sad. Why didn’t she grab a big kitchen knife and at least try to defend herself?

    A gun would be much more effective, to be certain, but surely there was something she could have grabbed.

  4. There’s not a cop in the world who wouldn’t have loved to been right there and caught the perp, but sadly Instict is right. Too often the too few are stretched too thin and the only thing we find we can do is follow up and hope we can catch that break that will solve the crime. It’s frustrating, having so often been tied up doing little minor stuff like intervening in boyfriend girlfriend fights or dealing with shoplifters or chasing away the dopers from in front of the mall, while real serious crimes are happening.

    In talk about guns, and whether or not the public should be allowed to own and keep them, remember this – nowhere in the constitution is there a place that says you don’t have the right to protect yourself. YOU are your first line of defence.

  5. You’re right, Al, but you and I both have seen the official stances that companies, some departments and governments, and even schools take towards a hostile person.

    “Don’t do anything to upset the person further, comply with their demands and give them whatever they ask for.” When the stance should be “Be prepared if someone comes in with a knife or a gun and have a plan on what you will do.”

    People never plan for trouble at all and go about their merry way with not a clue in the world. They think that shit will always happen to other people not realizing that to some person THEY are the other person.

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