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I’m swamped today so here’s some content from my lunch time browse

Jalissa wants info on Tactical Rifles. I’m guessing a few of you might have some good advice for her.

-Oh the terrifying scourge of pencil sharpeners in the wrong hands!

-More on the Zimmerman case from Sebastian and Miguel. The media (antis, duh) have been all over this one.  Good shoot? Bad shoot? I don’t know because I haven’t heard all the facts.  Not sure we ever will.  I don’t particularly like Zimmerman here, but that doesn’t make him a murderer.  I do think he made some very questionable decisions.

-I’m with Caleb. Even if your Twinkies are beside your ammo in your bug out bag, one is to feed you, the other is to feed your firearm. It’s pretty easy to tell the difference. If you are too stupid to know the difference, then maybe the AK is for you.

-A serious gun review.

-The best gun is the one you have.


Very cool thing for the sake of being a very cool thing done by very rich people.


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