Too Many Of Our Young Men Being Killed

You can’t turn on the radio lately without hearing someone talking about too many young black men being killed.  Too many lives cut short.

And most certainly, I agree. What is so very disappointing to me is that these passionate cries for something to be done are in reaction to the shooting of Trayvon Martin.  Why haven’t I been hearing these cries in connection to the gang violence that prematurely ends the lives of so many? Why no outcry about all of the black on black homicides? Where are the marches for Allen?

Why the fixation on race?

And Mr. President, really?  Did you really just say that all black people look alike? As if any individual is interchangeable with another because of some shared genetics? As if appearance is what defines the value of a human being? That’s one of the more racist things I’ve heard.

I feel no need to trot out my own tolerant credentials because I have none.  I don’t have any black friends. I don’t have any hispanic friends.  I don’t have any white friends.

I have friends. They are individuals and of particular value to me because of who they are.  They don’t need an ethnic adjective to be special to me, to be a part of my tribe. I don’t need to fill some affirmative action quota because I’m concerned about the content of your character and not the color of your skin.

Sure my friends come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.  Not a one of them is black or white. I had a big box of Crayola brand crayons growing up, you can’t fool me.  Everyone I’ve ever met is somewhere in the range of beige to brown and you generally had to blend a couple of the colors to get a good match.  Huh. There might just be some kind of metaphor in there.

Are we different? Sure. Just this weekend, I said, “There are certain benefits to being 1/4 Filipino.” Want to know what that benefit was? The fact that my sunburn would be a tan in just a couple of days as opposed to what a sunburn does to my red-haired husband.

But that doesn’t follow the narrative, now does it? You know, because all of our problems will be solved by stirring the pot.  Sigh.  I guess it’s time to update the definitions again.

Justice: A careful examination of the facts, witness statements, and applicable laws. Stirring up a riot on the basis of a superficial categorization.

13 thoughts on “Too Many Of Our Young Men Being Killed”

  1. “Why the fixation on race?”

    Two reasons IMO. It gives the race-baiters and leftists (but I repeat myself) something to fixate on and use a both a distraction and political bludgeon.

    It creates more divisiveness and controversy than not fixating on race does. That equals ratings, and so the MSM will gladly stir the pot.

    Your point is excellent. Would it be any different if Trayvon was a 17 year old white kid and Zimmerman black? If they were both black? Both hispanic? Nope. No matter what a young man is dead and another man’s life will never be the same.
    mike w.´s last blog post ..Sigh More inciting of violence from the Left

  2. I’d be careful about talk like that young lady, remember: In the land of the blind the one eyed woman is a paranoid schizophrenic.

  3. There’s all the emphasis on skin color because
    It gives RWPP bastards like Sharpton and Jackson and Lee something to scream about,
    It gives the racists like the New Black Panthers something to claim as an excuse for killing whitey(or brownie in this case),
    And it gives a bunch of “I can’t get good grades/get a break/get a job/whatever because I’m OF COLOR!!!” parasites/morons a way to avoid responsibility.
    Firehand´s last blog post ..Aside from the general disgust with Afghans,

  4. I find myself in agreement with your take on “friends”. In a similar vein, there are no “hyphenated” Americans: if a person fills the need to put a hyphen in then said person is *not* an American. Might be a citizen of the United States but the two concepts are only superficially related — there are plenty of Americans in the world that have never stepped foot in the U.S. and plenty of people born and raised in the U.S. that are not Americans.

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