Dear People on the Internet

You Rock! Well, at least those of you that make awesome things happen. And I am assuming that those people on the internet that suck don’t read this blog.  Obviously.

You see, yesterday my friend, Ambulance Driver, posted this. Oh yes, 5.11 Tactical Kilt. So I did what any good wife of a man that looks damn fine in a kilt does, I put in my email address to be notified when it would be available.

Well apparently, all you people of the internet that rock did the same thing because I found this hanging out in my email box this morning.

Friends in the 5.11 Tactical Community,

About a month ago our lead designer, Cory Nykoluk, came to me with the idea to have some fun on April 1st with a 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt. “We’ve had a number of requests for kilts, so why not make one?” Cory had enlisted our creative services director, Matt Frederick and our director of ecommerce, Brian Rogers. I gave the project a green light with the commander’s guidance to make the “TDK” a true 5.11 product supported by a proper launch. Operational security was strict as only about 6 people inside 5.11 knew about this project. In fact, the only reference in meetings and e-mails was to “Project Caber.”Our close friend Kyle Lamb, President of Viking Tactics, was briefed and signed on immediately. It turned out he was about to attend a Dropkick Murphys concert. Perfect timing as band member, Scruffy Wallace, is a kiltsman who plays bagpipes and the tin whistle in a VTAC T-shirt. The final piece needed was an athlete/first responder to demonstrate the mobility of the TDK. Matt Frederick called Roman, a veteran duty sheriff and Parkour athlete and we were rolling.

Last week, when we reviewed the video footage of Roman leaping walls in the TDK – it was clear – we had achieved the goal of making a Kilt true to the 5.11 brand. There was a collective “uh-oh, we only have one kilt in inventory!” On Saturday, March 31st, I called 5.11 Tactical founder, Dan Costa, to tip him off. His response: “Be ready, you’re going to sell some kilts!”

Indeed, the Tactical Duty Kilt launch was a success, so it seems the April Fool’s Day joke is on us! Due to your positive response, we are pleased to announce that the Tactical Duty Kilt will become available for pre-orders soon on the following web page: We don’t plan to make the TDK an “in-line” product, so this is a limited time, web only offer. If you haven’t already signed up for notifications on when this product becomes available for purchase, please do so now at and give us your name and e-mail address in the form located on the right-hand side of the page. We plan on sending out 1 more email to those that have given us their information to confirm size and color and other important ordering details.

5.11 Tactical Duty Kilts will be available in Black, Khaki, and OD Green (MultiCam will be offered at a slightly higher price) in even waist sizes 30- 40 for a very limited time – don’t miss out. Remember we only have one in inventory today, so we’ll need some time to make them for you!

Thanks for your friendship, sense of humor and support of 5.11 Tactical. I’m signing off to place my Tactical Duty Kilt order!

Tom Davin
CEO, 5.11 Tactical

You should maybe go sign up for notifications if you haven’t already. And that squee? That was me at the thought of my favorite robot (and holster maker extraordinaire) being kilted more often.

By the way, if anyone at 5.11 Tactical would like to send one for testing & review, I’d be happy to provide the female perspective of her kilted companion.


10 thoughts on “Dear People on the Internet”

  1. I put my name on the list. I need to slim my waist back down though. I haven’t had a 40 inch waist since junior year in college. Even through high school it was 38. At that time it wasn’t really a gut, now it is.

  2. Blarg. Signed up for alerts yesterday, still have not received an email. Used a back up account today. Hope they let me know in time to snag one!

    One thing is for certain, though – at that price, or even double the April Fools’ price, they are going to disappear faster than they can produce them.

  3. all i remember was this loud squeeee and the woman of the house pushed me down to the keyboard and demanded that i type in my info post haste.

  4. Please, instead of a Cambodian made kilt, at least take a look at USA made by a Marine. Built in holster. Custom. Josh, the owner, is a good guy and gunner.

  5. Jennifer,
    Thanks. I’ve been shopping for a kilt. Can’t wait. I’m now on wait list with everyone else.

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