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We want to thank you for the overwhelming response and support of the Tactical Duty Kilt. As mentioned in a previous email, we are going to make a limited run of the kilts. At this time, we would like for you to go ahead and reserve your kilt by placing an order on http://www.511tactical.com/All-Products/Shorts/Tactical-Shorts/Tactical-Duty-Kilt.html. We expect that your kilt(s) will become available for shipping by September 1, 2012. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate the purchasing of Multicam kilts at this time.

Please note, this is the only time we are going to make the Tactical Duty Kilt. The last day to place an order for your kilt on 511tactical.com is Thursday, May 3, 2012. If you happen to miss this opportunity, we will create a waiting list. All remaining inventory will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the Limited Edition Tactical Duty Kilt from 5.11 Tactical.

*5.11 gave me absolutely nothing for the link. They are just making this which is awesome. I don’t even get anything if you order one using that link. Suck it, FCC.

17 thoughts on “Rawr!”

  1. Jennifer, thanks for the heads up. I had put my email in, but I never got any. I ordered mine in Khaki!!

    And I usually read your blog in RSS form, so I hadn’t seen your new header. I love the KSG. So want one of those.

    1. Lol that would make me go buy one and wear it everywhere. But I’ve only been married for 3 years and have been told i have alot to learn.

  2. What fortuitous timing. September is Prostate Cancer awareness month and Kilted to Kick Cancer. a couple guys on my USPSA squad bought these for the September matches.

  3. Jennifer,
    Thanks again. I ordered mine. Black, of course. I, like the Commenter above, hope they sell so well they keep this in stock. I want one in khaki also.


  4. Well sir, I had every intention of surrendering quietly once you flashed your badge and I knew you was who you said you was. I only got skeered and ran after you then flashed your bagpipes. I don’t go down that road with no man lawful or not!

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