Hey Wordslinging Monkey

Your pie hole is doing that thing. You might want to see to that.

Don’t you know that it’s your drug-addled, alcohol-fueled dreams that we want to read? Not your short-sighted collectivist BS.

Ya know what? When you make money, it helps more than the 20 some-odd people you directly employ.  Guess who works at bookstores?  People.  Movie theaters? People. Publishing houses? People. Etc. So yeah, when your getting your icky richness on, it’s spreading that pernicious wealth all over the middle class.

Your high horse is dead.  Stop kicking it.

And, oh yeah, Dance, Monkey!

(found via the Head Mistress Snarkslinger where you should have read it far before stumbling on my corner of the interwebs. Hint-go there now)

5 thoughts on “Hey Wordslinging Monkey”

  1. Yeah, the idea that he only helped the 20 people he directly employed was pretty funny.

    See, Mr. King, I’m assuming that you, like most people, buy a lot more, and a lot more expensive, stuff than regular folk.

    All that stuff you buy wasn’t made by little elves in trees, Steve…
    Tam´s last blog post ..Off the Shelf…

  2. My great disappointment was several years ago when he survived being run over.

    Like OldNFO, I never cared for his writing, his politics don’t surprise me either.

    Of course, he can always give more to the government in taxes. All he has to do is not claim any deductions. Not that he’d really do that, because it’s all BS.
    Too Old To Work´s last blog post ..Is This Treason?

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