You Can See Right Through Me

So, you want to see me without my clothes?

Or skin and whatnot?

Er. Um. Oh. My neck, kinda not right.  Kinda curving the wrong way.  Wanna look closer?

And just in case you didn’t pick up on it, scoliosis! Mild, but still there.  The twist is impressive though.

Awesome. And my hips are out of whack in two directions.  Strangely, the lower back stuff doesn’t bother me in the least.  It’s all the nerve pinching in my neck that sucks currently.




16 thoughts on “You Can See Right Through Me”

  1. the alignment of your first cervical vertebra seem a tad off too.

    I see you were wearing button fly jeans 😉

    Hope the Chiropractor helps!!!!

  2. Ouch! I see a chiro weekly but it’s because I sleep all scruched up and have terrible posture at the computer (He calls it “monitor neck,” I call it “gargoyling.” We both agree my term is better).

    I hope that these adjustments get you feeling better soon!

    But what’s the deal with the semi-circle on your neck?

  3. My chiropractor recommended the roll thing on “”. I substituted a three-foot piece of 8″ pvc pipe (which I did have). The principle is to flex and stretch the back muscles and spine. My chiro claimed it improved his brother-in-law’s poster 60%. It seems kind of intense to me, but did help with low and especially mid-back stuff.

    Ice packs can help with both nerve and muscle stuff. And I like the Absorbine Mint Gel Liniment (at the horse tack store or horse supplies at TSC or WalMart). A small bit rubs in readily, warms the area, it doesn’t do a lot but does help loosen things up.

    And make sure you keep up on the B vitamins, for good nerve health. You might even dabble with Dr. Wahl’s veggie diet (TEDx Iowa City, on YouTube).


  4. GAH. my back just wrenched in sympathy pain. owie owie owie. here’s to hoping surgery isn’t necessary.

  5. That sucks. It must be going around because the doc told my wife 2 weeks ago she had that. I think he said theres 24 bones in her spine and everyone of them are in the wrong place. Doc has a 2 year plan to hopefully make her better. We’ll see. Good luck to you on yours.

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