My Beginning Statistics

Or possibly public humiliation. I said I was going to do it. There are apparently witnesses. In fact, 2 of you have already admitted that you are crazy enough to play along. So here goes.

Yep, those are my feet. I should really paint my toenails. That is a vintage Health-O-Meter.

My beginning weight: 134.5 pounds! My goal is 120 or less.

Waist: 30 inches. Goal is 26.

Hips: 40 inches! Yikes! Yeah, should be more like 34. Must get the ass under control.

Chest: 34.5 inches. Meh, this is fine.

For added reference, I am 5 feet 4 inches tall. At least, without my fantastic shoes.

My husband has agreed to play too. So here are his beginning statistics.

Weight: 141.5 pounds. (He insists that I also tell you that with his guns and boots and clothing, his weight is 153 pounds.) His goal is to weigh at least 145.

Waist: 30.25 inches. Goal: 29

Hips: 36.25 inches (Yes, my ass is way bigger than my hubby’s.) Goal: None

Chest: 37.5 inches. Goal: 38-40

Biceps: 11.75 inches. Goal: at least 13.

So if we each achieve our goals, the net weight of our household shouldn’t really change. I lose it, he’ll gain it, and all will be well. I will post another update next Saturday. Hopefully, we’ll have some more players by then.

And yeah, after taking my measurements and stepping on the scale, I had to get out my ab roller almost immediately.

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