It rained last night.

The raindrops gently washing the day’s tears from fresh flowers and wreaths laid on so many graves as they quenched the heat of the day. I was free to sit on the front porch with my husband and enjoy the relief, my son tucked safely in his bed.

My freedom came at great cost. It always does. Freedom cannot be purchased with favors or spoils. Freedom is only ever purchased in blood. In this world, it’s the blood of many soldiers that will never again share a cool beer with their spouse. Their sons’ foreheads never to feel that goodnight kiss.

Thank you. Thank you for the divine sacrifice. May you claim your great reward in eternity, a freedom also purchased in blood.

7 thoughts on “Cleansing”

  1. Amen, sister. Very heart felt. Thanks to all who have served, sacrificed, waited, prayed, hoped, fought, and the many that still do.

  2. Some folks think I’m a bit weird since I “enjoy” cemeteries. As a volunteer “grave walker” for I do spend a lot of time in cemeteries taking pictures of headstones. Although I’m in the process of documenting all the graves in a specific cemetery I do visit cemeteries all around the country in my RV travels. (See my blog at for further explanation of my activities.) When in a cemetery I almost always stop at the graves and Veterans to render a hand salute. Just one small thing this old retired sailor can do for those that gave it all.
    TheOldChief´s last blog post ..Memorial Day

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