Storm Damage

Had a pretty good storm come through last night. Knocked the power out for a couple of hours and did this to the tree out front.


One of them was a decent sized branch.


Here’s where it broke off


Another view


Yes, that is a refrigerator on my front porch. Among other things. It doesn’t work. I tried to get the city to haul it off, but they won’t if the compressor is attached due to ‘environmental concerns.’ They will take it if I pull the compressor and just release the freon all willy nilly though. I stand amazed at the bureaucratic logic of that.

Anyway. We were talking about the tree.


Oh well. The pear wood will be nice in the smoker.

11 thoughts on “Storm Damage”

      1. Ah, Ok. Around here, Georgia Power has a program where they’ll take your old one, and even give you some $$ for it. For some strange reason, though, they specify that it has to be “working”. *shrug*

        And, back to the tree – I’ve seen that kind of damage on that kind of tree even without the help of a storm.

  1. I hate those Bradford Pear Trees–have half-a-dozen on our property. . . for now.

    We had storms roll through last night–and we’ve got some as I type. Like you, I have tree damage everywhere. Got the tree-docs on the way out to give me an estimate on cleanup.

    Also getting an estimate to cut down every damn tree on the property with the exception of my Red Oaks, which are really nice trees.

    I have little use for trees, having grown up in west Texas. Nothing but one big pain in the ass. If I want shade, I’ll set up another covered deck or gazebo–don’t have to rake leaves from it, don’t have to water it, don’t have branches falling on the house.

    As far as the fridge, I’d just tell the genius bureaucraps at the city that the freon leaked out of the compressor, which is why the stupid thing is broken and sitting on your porch waiting on the geniuses at City Hall to come take it away.

    If the compressor HASN’T leaked, a couple of well-placed blows with a sharpened screwdriver. . .

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  2. I spent a little time on Sunday afternoon cutting up a fallen limb at my sister in-laws house. I thought I was going over to cut up a small limb. It turns out this mini-tree spanned the front yard of three town-homes and was about 18″ thick where it broke away from the tree.

    I’m glad I sharpened the chain on my chainsaw and brought a full tank of gas. It took every last drop to cut it up into manageable pieces.

    Regarding the refrigerator. I have what looks like the “Cadillac of Refrigerators” from the 1950’s in my basement. It still runs but I couldn’t afford to continue using it as a “beer fridge” (I don’t drink enough and I was blown away by how much my electric bill went down when I unplugged it).

    My township runs a recycling program for old appliances (it must be a working appliance). I think they’ll give me $35 for it but it weighs a ton and I just don’t see the township guys lugging it down the mountain I live on.
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  3. Reminds me of the story about someone putting an appliance on the curb for pick up and weeks went by without it being hauled away. They then put a “For Sale $100” sign on the appliance and it was promptly stolen.
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  4. Dang, that sucks. We got some of the storms down here, but they musta dropped some fury off at the border (maybe stopped at a casino or something). Some nice wind, rain, lightning. Gotta give Texass props for that…this state does do some nice lightning storms.

    ‘Bout the pear tree…do y’all get good, edible pears outta those? I’ve been thinking about digging up a stump of some piddly ornamental tree that died a few years back (yes…it was watered…we had a late-spring frost that killed it), and putting in a pear tree, so that we could have some fresh fruit on occasion.
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  5. I was reading the beginning and looking at the first half of the photo and saw some of the tree and thought ‘oh wow, thats a nice tree. not too bad’ then I scrolled down and saw the rest of the picture and noticed half of it was hanging out in the street!!

    Garbage haulers are crooks!

    -Oscar Valencia

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