Better Safe Than Sorry? What A Load.

I mean really, I only have 2 choices?  Safe or sorry?

BS.  I reject that.  Life isn’t safe. It’s got sharp edges and hard surfaces.  It’s got dirt and disappointment. Sometimes you will suck and you will fail.

Suck it up, cupcake.

You want to be stronger, better, faster, etc. than you are today? You’re going to have to push your limits. Guess what happens when you hit them? Pain. Suck. Fail. And then you back off and heal*.  Learn your lessons and get back in the game.

Or don’t. Be safe. Be stagnant. Don’t take risks. Insulate your little world. Just don’t expect me to play along.

Yeah, A Girl and her Gun got hurt training. It happens.  It’s no reason to avoid training. It’s no reason to stop pushing yourself. No one is asking you to do the training she has chosen. But before you criticize her choices, did it ever occur to you that maybe it’s not just training, it’s therapy? How many people out there are willing to stare their fear in the face?

It’s real easy to judge from the outside.  Should I have taken a defensive pistol course with my neck all mangled? Should I have maybe called it a day when it started to spasm so badly that I couldn’t get my elbow up? Should I have maybe mentioned the issue to my instructor before class?

Ya know what? My neck has been messed up for a long time. Turns out, not even daycare was safe. I attempted to do a flip in the moonwalk. (The inflatable bouncy thing, not the backwards dance walk thing.) I landed on my head.  Had to crawl out of the thing on my stomach because I couldn’t stand back up.

I’ve lost count of the number of car accidents I’ve been in. I wasn’t at fault, but sometimes not even the passenger seat is safe.

I carry a gun because life isn’t safe. My life comes with bumps, scrapes, bruises, and even broken bones.  I didn’t stop playing when I landed on my head.  I didn’t stop driving after my car was broadsided. I didn’t stop dancing after spraining my ankle or being dropped on a stage. My life isn’t safe, and I’m not sorry.

*Yes, I know.  I should learn to back off and heal at some point before my body takes that choice from me.  Yes, I am stubborn and thick headed sometimes. I’m sure none of my readers can relate.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love you. I swear I have never giggled so much in all my life about this brewhaha.

    I love that someone thinks I am all crazy and psycho nuts. No one and I mean no one has ever thought I was tough or a fighter or on the edge before. No one has thought wow that girl is way too excited about punching or getting punched. I love that!

    I’d say I have come a long way…lol

    I write my blog to the people who have followed my journey and who know how painfully difficult it was for me to get over the weak mindset of hitting. I didn’t think I would ever be able to. Me being able to hit another person and to let go and have fun without over thinking if I would get a booboo was a huge victory and I could not be more happy and yes broken rib sucks, but it was worth it. I will heal from this physical pain in about 6 weeks, it took me close to year to get over the pain of being a willing victim in my own attack. So rant, rave, talk and hate if that makes one feel better, but there is nothing anyone could do or say to take away the pure joy I feel from the steps forward I have taken in my mindset and training!

    You rock by the way!!
    a girl and her gun´s last blog post ..Violence

  2. I just started running using a routine MattG linked to a few days back. I’ve been at it for a week now. I hate running, but I know it’s a good way to get in a little bit better shape. I’m signed up for a mixed martial arts class at the end of the month (might become a regular thing if I like the place/people). I’m also doing my best to shoot IDPA at least once a month.

    None of this stuff comes without some pain, especially since my recent back injury. But I’m trying to make some serious changes for the better. I could get seriously hurt doing any of the things I listed, but hell, in the last 6 months I’ve had an extension ladder (at full extension) slide off the edge of a roof with me on in and rolled a large work van. Both times I was pretty seriously hurt. Both could have been fatal. If I’m taking those risk just for work, I might as well take a few for the sake of improving and protecting my future health.

    My only criticism with AG is that she waited so damned long to get medical attention, and even then I’m thinking it with a smile and marveling at how tough she is (and hoping I can catch one like her one day!).

    Pain and injury are a part of life. We might as well have what fun we can along the way.
    RobertM´s last blog post ..Red room of pain..

  3. I’m a little unclear on where anyone suggested that there should be an either/or for training. Can you provide a link?

    1. Sorry, I was unclear there. I’m referring back to her post where she says people have called her crazy for her training. I didn’t mean to suggest that anyone online said there was an either/or but in rereading, I can certainly see how it would come across that way.
      This post was also in response to an offline discussion that I was having with a friend. I asked if they minded if I posted it provided I strip out anything identifying. A couple of non-blogging people mentioned to me that they thought all the training was crazy. I don’t have any kind of link for that.

    1. Yes, you are absolutely right, and I have already been chastised by him for it. I owe him better than that particularly since I also consider him a friend.

  4. When I trained in Kojosho (A Kempo Karate style) we would train for what would happen in the real world. The white belts would start off at 10% speed and power and we would take them up from there until black belt when it was nearly 100% speed and power.

    Even with that level of control, injuries still happen. It’s a fact of life and for us it was YEARS – and I don’t mean two or three – before you were at the level to go at it all the way. The difference here is she needs those skills now and that has inherently more danger, that’s just the way it is.

    Anyone who says “Oh, she should get a different trainer” blah, blah blah, really doesn’t know what they are talking about because they only know about that ONE MOMENT. That’s essentially judging a book by the cover and we should be better than that.
    Instinct´s last blog post ..Real Courage

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Accepting that you can get hurt and sometimes fail is SO important for so many aspects in life. There’s many more ways to hurt yourself than just physical, and mental and emotional training can beat you up too. It is quite often a form of therapy and facing fears always sucks.

    The goal of life cannot be perfection or lack of hurt or else we never experience anything new and never find out how much we can do.
    Melody Byrne´s last blog post ..Frustration…

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