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I don’t think SayUncle is a pussy* or mediocre or anti-training.  The motivation for the post was actually an offline conversation where the other party actually said to me that they were freaked out by fighting schools and the proliferation of self defense classes.  They stated that they were inherently dangerous and you could get hurt.  I told them life was inherently dangerous and to not be prepared for it was naive. Their answer? “There’s just too much risk.  Better safe than sorry.”

And then it rattled around in my head until it started to sound like blog-fodder. Ready made title and everything. Then A Girl wrote this citing the two kinds of emails she has gotten, and it tied in.  It was a rant that had been brewing out of a few conversations not unlike the one I referenced above. Yes, ‘cupcake’ is a non-specific composite person drawn out of some recent interchanges.

No, I do not think anyone should submit themselves to bad training. If you are ever in a training course and someone is downrange during a course of fire, leave.  That’s bad and introducing unnecessary risk. Don’t spar with an instructor that is more interested in being bad-ass and beating the crap out of you than they are in teaching you. I don’t think that’s the case with A Girl’s injury. Maybe I’m wrong, and SayUncle is right.

Did she get in over her head? Maybe. Should she have gotten help sooner? Absolutely, but I’m pretty sure she knew that before she wrote her post about it.

I saw two posts that were critical, SayUncle and Breda. I agree that training that sends you to the hospital is likely unnecessary. My only disagreement is that I think it was an accident and not just a part of the training.  I also don’t think A Girl is broken just because she got hurt. I didn’t link either of them in yesterday’s rant because it wasn’t directed at them and does not apply to them. I apologize for any implication that it did. Their criticism is valid even if I disagree.

*He knows it too and said as much. Unless you agree with the naive person I mention in the first paragraph, my annoyance was not directed at you. 


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  1. My only disagreement is that I think it was an accident and not just a part of the training.

    B.I.N.G.O. and Bingo was his name-o. Seriously that is my big issue with everyone flipping out right now. I do not think this is a result of a bad instructor, a lot of people however are more than happy to lay blame without actually reading A Girl’s post on the sequence of events.

    Yeah, I knew a hospital trip was in her future when I read it. However shit does happen, period. Some times we luck out like Uncle and live accident free. Other times we get stuck with the lady fishing around in the back seat who rear ends you at a stop light in traffic. Other times you have the guy who blows the stop sign and flies onto a highway t-boning someone. Again, it’s luck as much as it is skill.

    In this case I think it was luck that was the predominate factor in her injury. There was a choice she made, however that doesn’t alter how the fall occurred. Gravity and momentum are a bitch, and even a light person can end up doing serious damage.

    I just wish some people would chill the hell out, think, and realize that the solution is not living in a bubble. Is Life, Is Not Safe. I have a feeling if she told the trainer what she felt, a hospital trip would probably have been insisted. I have had cracked and bruised ribs as well as dislocated cartilage, all from water polo. I

    don’t like broken bones, I don’t think they’re a sign of a “tough guy” and going and breaking something doing something stupid isn’t bright. That said, I also think that they’re a fact of life and some times shit just happens.

  2. In martial arts injuries are common during the first two years. You and your body have to come to an understanding about what your capabilities are. Your body has to comprimise and you have to compromise. I don’t know enough to say whether or not she has a bad instructor. But let me tell you a brief story that ends in a year off of training while the person in question recovered from ACL surgery:

    A group of 50 or so people armed with foam swords and shields stand in an open field. Yes, I am sorry to say, we were LARPing. Guys on the sides had bows with arrows with tennis balls on the end. A few guys had really long foam spears. It is a team match so the 25 face off against the 25. The match begins.. on girl of extremely good health and fitness takes off to flank. No one is near her. She cuts a corner and falls down writhing in pain. In an field with no one around her playing the most ridiculous game I’ve ever seen or been a part of.

    Injuries happen. They shouldn’t be a planned result of your training or it is bad training. But they do happen. If you think something is unsafe, then do not participate. It is crappy to get injured while trying to learn to defend yourself. But you can get injured running around an open field with a foam sword in your hand.
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  3. People get hurt working in their workshops. People get hurt while water-skiing or snow-skiing. People get hurt playing sports. People get hurt falling off horses, riding motorcycles, racing cars, lifting weights, falling off ladders.

    Getting hurt because you REFUSE TO BE A WILLING VICTIM OF VIOLENCE and therefore are training to avoid that?

    I can think of worse things to get hurt while doing.

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  4. Something keeps coming back to me from the most unlikely of places. When I was in vocal training, my university was doing a summer production of Pagliacci and I wanted to sing the role of Columbina and whined thus to my voice teacher. He said “Then learn the role. If you know the role, then you can be asked to sing it.” This was profound to me, and very simple. What he was saying was that although I could hit all the notes (and many better than) the woman cast as Columbina did, I would certainly NOT be able to sing the role if I did not already know it. This was his way of intimating to me that I should prepare to be able to step in and perform and then if the opportunity arose…

    Like that vocal role, being in frightening and intense situations of physical threat calls for a certain physicality. Even if you perform badly and are vastly out-matched by the size/strength of your opponent, having a go-to catalog of physical options greatly increases your likelihood of surviving the experience of a physical attack unscathed or with a minimum of damage. If you have no muscle memory and have contemplated no sense of the actual peril you face in those moments, (and I speak from experience here, having been beaten up during a mugging) you will certainly not fare as well as you might have.

    I say good on A Girl for daring to get out there and taking her lumps, too. Of course, it would be ideal if she hadn’t gotten hurt, but we don’t live in a perfect world. And now she doesn’t have to lose a wink of sleep wondering if she can survive being hurt. She survived, and she’s going to thrive. I’m proud of her. 🙂
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