One Week From Today

They are going to knock me out and stick a needle in my spine. This will be the third time someone has stuck a needle in my spine.  I was conscious for the first two, so this will be new.

Hopefully, no one drops anything this time. Not that I’ll know.

Ah well.  I could still wiggle my toes after the anesthesiologist dropped my first epidural even if I was totally creeped out by the feeling of it pulling out of my spine. I had to take a minute before she administered the second one.

And this one will be a different procedure.  Unless I’m terribly misinformed, they won’t be sending me home with a tiny human this time.

11 thoughts on “One Week From Today”

  1. x-ray vision is always a good up grade to get. though, i thought i was going to get that one the last time i was in the hospital and i came out with Enhanced Digestion. dunno if that’s a super power or not.

  2. Thoughts and Prayers as well.

    Can’t say I’m a fan of letting them do that. I had it done once, and it took the Dr 3 tries before she got the needle between the vertebrae. I was awake for this, and it was a very creepy feeling to feel the needle scrape against bone. Good thing you will be asleep.

  3. My aunt and my grandma both have had this done. So I know how frustrating, probably a little bit scary..and the simple fact that you just want to feel better and not have to keep going down that road.

    I’m praying for good results!
    Jalissa´s last blog post ..New Diet Plan

  4. I am so very sorry to hear you are in need of further procedures. I have been visiting your site for awhile now and admire your will and your outlook on life. I am now disabled with a bad back and have had the “needle” multipule times. May i suggest do not expect miracles afterwards. My last 10 years or so of being able to work, I was a CNC machinist specializing in spinal implants. Feel free to email me with questions of any kind. Keep the Faith and Semper Fi

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