I Was Going To…

pull pictures off my camera, edit, and get you some content.  And oh what pictures I have! I have yet to finish writing up the after action report for Central Oklahoma Gunblogger Schutenfest and Phlegmfest and National Take Your Daughter To The Range Day and…

I was going to try and make a dent in the backlog when I got home yesterday.

But I didn’t. As soon as I pulled into the driveway, the adorable girl from down the street rode up on her bike.  She was just so excited that she had to talk to someone.  She was waiting for another neighbor to get home so she could see the puppies. I could certainly spare a minute to share in her excitement.

Well then it came up that she hadn’t met Heidi.  What kind of person would I be if I hadn’t indulged the cute little girl with a visit with a cute little dog? Barely human, that’s what kind. So out came the dog. Who promptly pooped in the neighbor’s yard.  As they do.

Once girl and dog were properly acquainted, the other neighbor got home so she dashed off to see puppies. I called Heidi, and we headed to the door.

And that’s when a Nerf wielding TeenBot wandered into the yard tailed by a neighbor boy. Heidi went all ZOMGKIDS! Which attracted the attention of yet another neighbor boy. I think  Heidi’s belly was raw from all the scratches.  She was in heaven.

And then I blinked and all three boys were in the tree. You know the tree.  The one shedding limbs.

So I parked myself on the front porch and watched them climb. I did instruct them not to plummet to their death/brokenness in my front yard. That’s not a fun conversation to have with their parents and would leave such a mess.

They challenged each other to see who could climb the highest until their parents called them home for dinner. They may have been sporting a couple of new bruises and scrapes but nothing serious. Those are just proof your doing that childhood thing right.

Oh my! Dinner time. How’d that happen? Not to worry, the Evylrobot had dinner under control.

And I bathed over 50 pounds of feline. The neighbors probably assumed I was filleting them for dinner with all the noise they made.  Siamese.  Need I say more? Yes, there is video.

There was no blood lost, but the t-shirt is a goner.

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