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Via fellow shoe lover, Phlegmmy, I find that apparently you can judge people by the content of their shoe closet*. And yes, Phlegmmy is bright, cute, quirky, and delightful, much like the shoe she posted.

Well I just so happen to be wearing a favorite pair of my shoes today, so let’s have a look.

4.5 inch heel with a hidden platform.  They bring my height up to a not-so-towering 5′ 8.5″. And save me the trouble of hemming my jeans.

They are a stormy, shimmery blue. Not so Thundery as these

or these

Sigh.  Sportball meets fashion.  Or maybe collides with.

Typical June in Oklahoma. Everyone is talking about the Thunder and the Heat. Except this year, it’s not the weather. They tell me that some very tall men are meeting with some other very tall men to squeak their sneakers around and throw a ball from varying distances into a basket. I am unsure how this skill is useful in the zombie apocalypse, but since they are going to Miami, I hope they are prepared.

Strangely, it’s hard not to get swept up into the spirit just a little.  No, I still don’t plan to actually watch.  But I did actually purchase a piece of licensed merchandise so I could take part in this picture.

First row, 3rd from the left.  You probably can’t see them, but I am wearing bright yellow snakeskin stilettos in that picture. Previously seen here.

*Mine happens to be over-flowing.

8 thoughts on “Shoes Make The News”

  1. I am not a big b-ball fan but San Antonio does love their Spurs. Since we are out, good luck to you! I am a short 5 foot girl but my shoe of choice are tennis shoes. I used to be a runner in college and messed up my ankle. After that, running and heels were not in my vocabulary any more. Enjoy those heels for those of us who can’t!

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