No One Died When Nixon Lied

The Obama administration is complicit in the murder of Brian Terry and countless innocent Mexicans. Senator Chuck Grassley released this statement.

Senator Chuck Grassley made the following comment about the President’s action today claiming executive privilege in response to congressional oversight of the government’s Fast and Furious gun-walking program.  The congressional investigation began with Senator Grassley’s inquiry into whistleblower allegations that the government had allowed the transfer of illegally purchased weapons found at the scene of the murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.  The Department of Justice denied the allegations to Senator Grassley for 10 months before being forced to withdraw its denial in face of evidence to the contrary.

Grassley comment:

“The assertion of executive privilege raises monumental questions.  How can the President assert executive privilege if there was no White House involvement?  How can the President exert executive privilege over documents he’s supposedly never seen?  Is something very big being hidden to go to this extreme?  The contempt citation is an important procedural mechanism in our system of checks and balances.  The questions from Congress go to determining what happened in a disastrous government program for accountability and so that it’s never repeated again.” [Emphasis mine]


Something is indeed rotten in Denmark DC. The answer, Senator, is that there was White House involvement. The President himself is well aware of what has been happening under his watch. And yes, something very big is being hidden.

President Barack Obama is using Executive Privilege to cover up murder. Innocent lives have been and will continue to be lost, not by accident, not by mistake, not by negligence, but by design.  This program was designed to kill innocent people all in the name of some agenda.

Was the point giving ammo to the gun control movement? Is this what he meant by working under the radar?

I don’t think so.  Sure, it was a side benefit, but there is something more sinister afoot. Fast and Furious was an act of war, and now the Obama administration is hoping the we don’t figure that out.  The Obama administration was hoping to make it look like they started it and was hoping to leverage that war for increased political power. The Obama administration made it easier than ever for illegal immigrants to avoid prosecution and deportation.  Think maybe that might muddy up the battle lines a bit?

But that’s just my theory. It’s not like an all out shooting war along the southern border could be used to delay anything like an election…

But I’m just some racist redneck clinging to my guns and religion here in flyover country.  What are your thoughts?


13 thoughts on “No One Died When Nixon Lied”

  1. Alternative,which leads down the same path anyway – just one more gesture from an imperial president who can’t stand having any action questioned. He does it just because he thinks he can.

  2. He knew full well what was going on. Now, whether he was trying to raise a ruckus with Mexico (dunno why he’d want to do that), or whether he was thinking of jumping in and saving the day after “discovering” the guns being shipped over the borders, I can’t say. Either way, there was an ulterior motive to “Fast and Furious”, and he was in the know on the whole thing. Declaring Executive Privilege is his way of saying “don’t look under the tablecloth, cuz it’ll just point right back at me”. He’s had NO problems pointing blame elsewhere if he didn’t do something (cuz, remember, the whole economy thing is all Bush’s fault, so just forget about the fact that its gotten exponentially worse since Obummer was sworn in). This is a CYA move, pure and simple. Now, the big question is…how much more does it take to start the impeachment proceedings for him and the vast majority of his cabinet? Nixon lied about Watergate. Obummer has lied about…well…everything.

    1. I couldn’t have said it any better. And now, he’s made it nearly impossible for ICE and FugOps to do their jobs for us. Amnesty under Work Visa’s have already trashed many man hours and closed cases that our Federal Agents have been working on.

      The whole thing is incredibly suspect. Once he is voted out in November I can hardly wait to see just what else will come out from Oblamo’s administration. I just pray that he WILL be voted out, cause Lord knows just what depths he’ll go to bring our great nation down to.


  3. Father William of Ockham said it best: (And I’ll paraphrase) Simpler explanations are, other things being equal, generally better than more complex ones.
    Someone just got caught with blood on his hands. But don’t think for one minute this wasn’t planned, and executed precisely as his handlers wanted it done. Just be prepared for what comes next. It’s gonna be a spectacular thing to behold.

  4. I think he did it for two reasons;
    1) To give ammo to all the gun control fanatics who had been propagating the lie about guns going to Mexico. Since that lie could easily be dis-proven they had to make it true.

    2) Stir up racial tensions and possibly racial violence. We’ve already seen how he had protected the Black Panthers from reprisal, now he was trying to do it for La Raza too and hoping it would get him votes.
    Instinct´s last blog post ..Browning Grips

  5. If WW2 didn’t result in suspended elections, I don’t think a border skirmish with Mexico would either. I also think that SCOAMF knows that suspension of elections would result in an all out civil war with no clearly delineated geographical boundaries.
    LC Scotty´s last blog post ..confiscation in canada

      1. If he even hinted at suspending or ‘delaying’ elections, there’d be impeachment charges drawn up and filed by the end of the day; there’s be a fight over it, but the charges WOULD be there. I tend to think even the most arrogant bastard in the office since Clinton or F. Roosevelt doesn’t think he could get away with that.
        Firehand´s last blog post ..I do not intend to compare the leaders of our Democratic Party with a monster like Ceausescu,

  6. My thoughts are that you must still be suffering the effects of your recent sedation as your words have been far more gentle than the situation warrants.

    The thing I’m uncertain of at this point is whether Holder has been playing them this long and arrived at the point of “Executive Privilege” in order to forestall further inquiry, or if the Repubs in Congress knowingly drove him to this point and have a further plan of action in place to bring down the whole sham of an administration.

    Or more likely, there is no grand strategy and both sides are bailing furiously and making it up as they go along.

    Either way, pass the popcorn and, if you would, please show me where you stashed the cold beer; I want to watch this show in comfort.

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