Independence Day

This seemed appropriate

While you sacrifice your hot dogs to the gods of summer, remember the bravery it took for us to have that freedom. Remember that citizens rose up against a tyrannical government that was ignoring its citizens. Those brave men and women took up arms and said enough is enough. This is what the well-organized militia can do.

It was the blood of regular people that was shed for this great nation. Ordinary heroes. A nation of riflemen with their personally owned arms.  It is their blood that cries out when the powers that be move to disarm us.  To do so is to deny the very freedom that won this nation our independence.  Never forget.

And remember the soldiers who continue to protect us. Those who leave their families for grueling conditions to put their lives on the line.

Enjoy your holiday and time with the family.

5 thoughts on “Independence Day”

  1. As usual, I have to agree with everything you have written. As a 27 year veteran of this countries armed forces it is sad to see what some politicians are attempting to do to our great nation. Although I would hate to see the nation have another “hot” revolution we must have people willing to stand up, as our forefathers did, to protect the nation. Hopefully, our next revolution will be a peaceful one this November at the ballot box.

  2. Excellent! That was so nice to view on this day. I hope you enjoyed a good one with your family, cherishing all the freedoms still left to us.

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