I Can Haz Fact-Checking?

According to Yahoo News

For instance, straw purchases—the act of buying guns for others—is not illegal in Arizona.

No, no, no.  You’ve got it backwards.  It’s just the feds that can ignore federal laws. Arizona doesn’t even get to enforce them.

(H/T Void Where Prohibited)

ETA: Mr B beat me to it!

9 thoughts on “I Can Haz Fact-Checking?”

  1. Fiction, Non-fiction, what’s the difference?

    I’m not a lawyer, or a state authorized reporter, but I’m certain that A.R.S. Title 13 Criminal Code, 13-3102, Section A-4, A-5, A-8, A-14 punishes straw purchases for a drug cartel as a felony. Unless that’s one of those laws that only the Feds can enforce.

  2. Oh, the journalists are held to the highest standards of those who pay their paychecks. Who, in turn, are beholden to the standards of whatever political party they happen to be in the pocket of at the moment. So please, never question a journalist’s lack of standards! They have them…you just have to lean over to the left to see them.

    (it also helps if you close your left eye. Then turn off the lights. Then shut your right eye. Just sayin’.)
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