Lost: One Muse


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A muse to amuse

Seems to have gone missing this morning.  If found, please contact me.  Possible reward*.

*Reward consists of a blog post that will hopefully amuse for the return of a muse.

7 thoughts on “Lost: One Muse”

    1. That makes sense. My air conditioner did go out on Monday. It’s fixed now, but maybe Muse hasn’t gotten the memo
      Hmm should try that again

      That makes perfect sense
      Air conditioner went out
      Muse has not returned

      1. Muses are often attracted by chilled adult beverages served in glass vessels with salt encrusted on the rim. Maybe a wedge of lime somewhere in the general vicinity. The really GOOD muses can be lured back by pretty much anything with a worm/bug floating in the bottle, and/or anything that has fermented for roughly 12 years. Or more.

        Just sayin’.
        RabidAlien´s last blog post ..So Fitting

  1. my muse frequently gets drunk on cheap italian wine and passes out under the coffee table or the recliner. she’s a cheap date but not much use in this regard.

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