It’s Really Amazing

This internet thing.  It’s a place to vent and share and connect with people you’d never know otherwise.  Links and clicks drop new people into our circle.

And sometimes you get dropped into their lives when everything feels like it’s crashing down.

I learned of a new (to me) blogger by way of his post adding me to his blogroll the other day. And then the very next post. And the next.

Cancer is a real bitch. CoolChange, you and your wife will be in my prayers. May God grant you peace on this journey.

3 thoughts on “It’s Really Amazing”

  1. I couldn’t leave a comment, so sent an e-mail. Ex #1 had two bouts with cancer, have some idea what he’s going through and it sucks.

    Remember Acidman? When he died, I said it was amazing how connected you could feel, and the loss you could feel, of someone you knew only through their written words on a screen

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