Condi for VP?

(h/t to Stranger)

So Drudge is calling it for Condoleeza Rice for VP. Yeah, I’ll take that.  Mostly because I’d love to see her chew up and spit out the babbling fool currently holding the office in the debate.  She’s got class and one helluva death stare.

8 thoughts on “Condi for VP?”

  1. Condi would be good. On a base level she should appeal to intelligent women, black women and perhaps black men. She certainly has the experience and education despite being a Stanford (Liberal) graduate. She has broad appeal to the Republican base and I think the Tea Party could support her position. However like Colin Powell there would be the prerequisite anal exam by the Liberal Press.

    I also like Allen West. He is conservative, favors individual responsibility which I REALLY like. I think there are some real candidates out there that could really put the Republican ticket back in the White House. I have a bottle of 20 year old Bourbon waiting to crack open on that Tuesday in November.

  2. She kicked-ass and cleaned-up a big mess at Stanford when I worked there, and University liberals heads exploded in steam since they couldn’t figure out how to counter her in their politically-correct play-pen environment. All they could say was “warmonger!” or something like that. They basically hated that she was a Soviet expert and foreign-policy wonk, their friend and mentor was her enemy.

  3. I would still love to see Rand Paul, or Boddy Jindal.
    Can you imagine what Paul would do as president of the Senate? “Wailing and gnashing of teeth” would turn fully to “whining and wetting of pants.”

  4. It seems, though, as she’s been stating she has no interest in the position. Unlike another candidate for VP who I thought “hmm, a woman, this could be good” until she opened her mouth and it was “OMG, this is the best we can do?”

  5. On a slightly unrelated note, I would miss ole Jumpin Joe Biden. Not his boss you understand, but Joe is always entertaining. Maybe we could create a new office like National Jester just to keep JB in circulation a few more years. If nothing else it would be instructive to those with short memories about the late regime and why Dems should not be trusted with national power.

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