Unexplained Discharge

So dude is playing with his gun in the bathroom at Carl’s Jr and has a negligent discharge.

That’s the most devastating case of explosive diarrhea that I have ever seen.

They say he dropped his Kahr P40 and it went off when it hit the floor.  Funny, I was under the impression that the Kahr P40 had a hammer block safety.  Hmm.

Clearly, the guy in question is an idiot.  I’d be willing to bet that he is also a liar.  I think the guy headed into the bathroom to play with his gun and had an unexpected discharge.  This happens to boys regularly, but generally not with a firearm.

For one, as I pointed out just a minute ago, the Kahr has a hammer block safety which means that it should require a trigger pull in order to discharge.  And also, why were the cuts from the porcelain on his arms?  If his story was true, wouldn’t the cuts have been mostly on his posterior?

I’m crying foul on this one.  I think he did do the right thing and un-holster his weapon while dropping trow.  He decided to use the privacy to fondle it and accidentally shot the toilet.  It’s completely understandable that he didn’t want to tell anyone that he had been playing with his gun in the bathroom and had a negligent discharge.  Can’t say I really blame him.  But then again, I wouldn’t have been that stupid in the first place.

2 thoughts on “Unexplained Discharge”

  1. I think he fumbled the gun, almost dropped it, and grabbed to catch it. When he did, he caught it with a finger in the trigger guard…. and BOOM!
    Bet that was loud in a tile bathroom.

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