It Could Have Been Worse

If Sen Lautenberg had his way, the shooter in Aurora would have killed more people.

“We need to start today on efforts to prevent the next attack,” he said in a statement released Sunday. “No sportsman needs 100 rounds to shoot a duck, but allowing high-capacity magazines in the hands of killers like James Holmes and Jared Loughner puts law enforcement at a disadvantage and innocent lives at risk.”

But you see, here’s the problem with that line of thinking. Those 100 round magazines jam. In this case, saving lives.

One of the survivors of the early Friday assault, Josh Nowlan, said Saturday that he would not have been alive if the suspect’s gun had not jammed.

They are heavy and cumbersome. Difficult to maneuver and unreliable.  We should be hoping that every psychopath buys them by the pallet load.  Funny that Sen Lautenberg should choose the shooter in Arizona as part of his argument.  It was when his gun jammed also due to the high-capacity magazine that he was tackled and his attack brought to an end.

I don’t know how many rounds I would need to shoot a duck.  I always wanted to shoot the damn dog for laughing at me so much though.


8 thoughts on “It Could Have Been Worse”

  1. The dude had full-on military grade body armor, including helmet and gas mask. Shotgun and AR-style rifle (reports I’ve read vary between AR and AK). Six billiontymajigger!!!!11! rounds of ammunition. Aaaaaaand not one person in this crowded theater (theater itself, or lobby) noticed or said anything.
    RabidAlien´s last blog post ..Had to post

  2. Rabid, I’ve heard a few interviews where people said they noticed him and assumed “It was part of the show”.

    Yeah because all Hollywood opening nights are punctuated by parlor tricks.

    A lot of people are never prepared for the worst case scenario.
    Weer’d Beard´s last blog post ..Just for LOLz

  3. What law enforcement officers were put at risk. None were there when he was shooting, and he didn’t shoot when they finally showed up

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