But What About The Sportball?

So people are upset that the NCAA sanctioned Penn State.

The darkest day in Penn State’s history was met with mostly silence on campus.

After the NCAA fined Penn State a whopping $60 million, stripped its football program of 40 scholarships and banned it from playing in a bowl game the next four seasons because of its inaction in the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal, the Nittany Lions were apparently too stunned to react to the devastating news.

Right.  Darkest Day. That’s funny.  I would have thought the darkest day would have been the first time the pedophile used his position to violate young boys. Or maybe when the leadership decided to ignore it.

No, instead your darkest day is the day the long overdue punishment for harboring a child rapist is announced.  Classy.  Way to show the victims you might have just the smallest ounce of a soul.

Good to know that it’s the innocence of children that you burn on the altar of the mighty sportball. Kneel at your big screen and take your hot wing communion.  I hope your god is merciful and worth what you choose to sacrifice.

11 thoughts on “But What About The Sportball?”

  1. I’m a big footbal fan, especially anything that involves our Oklahoma State Cowboys team. Saying that I really felt that Penn State should have gotten the “death penalty” like SMU received many years ago. Shut their program down completely, allow all the current students/players the opportunity to transfer to other schools, without penalty. I think a 10 year or so suspension of their football program would have been proper.

  2. I have to agree with that. They should have gotten the death penalty. Was not so sure initially but after seeing the response, “the woe is us our football!!”
    Tough…What about those children, boys, violated by adults and then have others try to hide it and hide it they did for a while..They were just as complicit.
    Sickening and whatever the NCAA did or did not do will never correct what happened…Penn Staters…blow it out you butts!!
    PS. Seems a certain running back came to the Vikings from Oklahoma…Maybe that ‘other’ Oklahoma?

  3. I don’t follow football….I can point one out on the shelf at Target, but that’s about the extent of my knowledge. However…I agree, there is no penalty too severe for child molesters, and for those who knowingly “look the other way” or aide/abet in any way…well…in my mind that makes you just as guilty. At that point, “nuke the bass turds” is my usual response.

    Love the post, but I need some clarification…the Bible says not to eat foods sacrificed to idols….are those boneless garlic-Parmesan wings lumped in with the rest of those wings you were referring to? Just askin. ::pauses to lick grease off fingers::
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  4. I hope your god is merciful .

    Harsh. But not too harsh.

    It continually surprises me that college, and professional, sports organizations regularly hand out penalties of fines and cancelled games (income), for stuff that is flat out, grossly illegal. How does fining one athlete for repeated use of cocaine deter kids from using cocaine? How does chastising Penn State for looking the other way take a stand on leading American youth to a healthy future, when there should be jail cells full of “accessory after the fact” felons?

  5. Good to know that it’s the innocence of children that you burn on the altar of the mighty sportball. Kneel at your big screen and take your hot wing communion. I hope your god is merciful and worth what you choose to sacrifice.

    You know that little list of 10 bullet points that God emailed Moses a few millennia back? The first one made things quite clear: Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

    This is why. When football(or, for that matter, any worldy person, place or pastime)becomes your religion, your sense of right and wrong becomes distorted–nay, perverted. That’s idolatry for ya.

    May God have mercy on the souls of these twisted people who think a child’s game is more important than a child’s innocence. They’re going to need it. 🙁
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