Idiot Stamp

When you’re zeroing in on that gold bead front sight to make a long range shot with your .357, don’t lean in. Don’t forget that the last box of .357 Magnum that you picked up was a little extra spicy.
If you do, you may wind up with a gash that looks like this.

Idiot stamped on forehead
Which bears a striking resemblance to the shape of this.

rear site of my 627
Yep. That would be my big N frame .357. Not my little snubby. Hasn’t happened with the scores of spicy .357 rounds that I’ve put through it. And no, not even Michael’s .44 Magnum has ever bitten me like that. Now I know why they call it a blade site.
But I did make the shot. Barely.

When someone presents some moronic hair-brained scheme to my mother, she always asks, “Do I have idiot stamped on my forehead?” I sent her the picture so she would know what that looked like.

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18 thoughts on “Idiot Stamp”

  1. Please tell us how you managed that with an N-frame (27 or 28?). You said you leaned into it, but I just can’t pictuer someone leaning THAT far into it.

    I want to watch so that none of my students manage to pull this trick off!



  2. Welcome to the head bangers club! My scar is a cute little crescent on my nose from a too-lightly held lightweight .30-06 and short eye-relief scope. I suspect that more than a few die-hard shooters have scars to go with their love of guns. (Yet another Breda migrant.)

  3. Unfortunately, I don’t have video to share. Your students could learn from such a thing. It is a 627PC. And yes, I leaned into what will henceforth be known as the “no head zone.”. I really should have known better. It’s not like the recoil on it is all that intense even with Magnums. I was sitting on my husband’s Pelican case and aiming at a shoot-n-see target at approx 100yrds. Once I had smacked my forehead, I looked at my position and thought that it was not so intelligent to have my nose so close to my grip. I did hit the target, but not in the middle. Not terrible for the first time shooting my handgun at that distance.
    I did this on the second out of 8 shots. I still fired the remaining 6 before cleaning myself up. Sorry, no pics of the target. You know, blood clean-up takes priority at that point.

  4. I “know” that got your attention… Thanks for the honesty on how it happened. This IS a good reminder to all of us to, as we say, T H I M K before we get too comfortable and do something we shouldn’t.

    (also came over from Breda’s blog)

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  6. Just remember, we’re all laughing with you, and not at you… 😉

    …One of the stories my dad told me during my childhood, when he was teaching me gun safety, was of a friend who just had to have a S&W .44 Magnum just like Clint Eastwood’s. Said friend’s love affair with his new Model 29 lasted for all of one round, when he tried to shoot it one-handed, like Clint, and knocked himself unconscious when the recoil snapped the gun right back into his forehead.

    Dad said that shortly thereafter, at a local gunshop, there was a lightly-used Model 29 Smith for sale, complete with a fifty-round box of shells…with forty-nine live rounds still in the box.

  7. I have taken two of my teenage son’s friends to the range for introduction to handgun shooting. Both managed to fire a Ruger Mark II 22LR just fine. Both also managed to cut themselves on the webs of their hands firing a Ruger 357 revolver or 9mm Glock. I suppose it was due to a weak grip, reinforced from firing a 22 first. Neither complained.

    So that makes hands and foreheads possible strike targets for recoiling handguns. I would also guess that firing from a retention position could lead to some ripcage damage, from blast or recoil.

    Where else might one get hit by the handgun one is shooting (not the bullet, the gun)?

  8. Jennifer,

    Thanks, I have a pretty good idea and picture of that.

    Shooting sitting magnifies recoil and tends to mess up proper shooting positions more than any other shooting method.

    Sounds like, in your case, it promoted slowly crawling your head down and forward in position till it tried to occupy a position the gun wanted.

    Glad it was not any more than that, the split eyebrow scope wound some are describing are MUCH more noticeable and often require butterflies or stitches.


    another leaker from Breda’s blog.

  9. I have to say that is a MUCH cooler way of getting a forehead scar than the method that I used. I have to explain to people that I hit myself in the center of the forehead with an antique sewing machine!

    (via Breda’s Blog)

  10. Mongol,
    My antique sewing machine scar is on my right thumb. Dropped one on it a couple of days after starting a new job. Fabulous first impression.

    I have a few scar stories. In fact, this one is not the only forehead scar.

    You’ve got it!

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