In an attempt to help the TeenBot improve both his writing skills and intellectual curiosity, we assigned him a project for the summer. He was to research and put together an essay (ish) on the history of the Soviet Union.  We’ve spent countless hours talking through some high points and adjusting the assignment.

And he digs in his heels and does nothing.  It’s frustrating to say the least.

But at least my son is here to be frustrated with. He can confound and irritate and then shock and amaze. Sometimes all in one breath. Each of those shiny silver strands that have started to appear on my head are a treasure, purified in the fire that is parenthood.

My friend is shaving her head this weekend. She’ll never find that article that finally sparks an interest and have in depth discussions with her teenager about the worldwide implications of the Chernobyl disaster. No, because Madison’s life was all too short. Her light so bright it couldn’t be contained in one little girl.

Her mom is continuing to carry Madison’s light.  If you feel so inclined, you can help her lift it.  She is shy of her goal.

There’s a challenge going around the office for us to shave our heads in support. Am I as brave as Amy? I don’t know. Bald would certainly be a new look…

Madison’s story has graced these pages before here, here, and here. It was in her name that I donated hair last year.

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  1. All my sympathy for Madison’s friends and family. The loss of a child is devastating. You all have my prayers.

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