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  1. It ain’t too painful. My wife does this once a year. She’s a rural mail carrier and she gets tired of sweaty hair flopping in her face. Not quite as good a reason as yours though.

  2. Very brave! 🙂 I don’t think I could have done that. You really pull it off well, though! Better than Demi Moore or Sinead O’Connor.

    It reminds me of a lady who came to my college chapel time one morning who had lost her hair to chemo a few times. She said the first time she was self conscious and tried wigs, but the next time she discovered body glitter! She said she covered her bald head with it and wore it with pride. I decided that if I ever lost my hair for whatever reason that I would do that, too. 🙂 But someone would probably have to hold me down to shave me, so you are definitely braver than I!
    Devon´s last blog post ..Meet Ladybug!

  3. When one shaves his head every other day, one loses the ability to meaningfully shave ones head FOR something.

    When I shave my fringe today, please consider my efforts morale support.
    McThag´s last blog post ..Carbine Classes

  4. You are really something!

    I tried to give away my hair once but it was declared hazardous waste and the EPA came after me. 🙂

  5. Oh, my God. Why do people never give women honest feedback when they do insane stuff like this? If a man started talking in baby talk or wearing a pink tutu, his friends would take him aside and ask him if he’d lost his goddamn mind.

    If there’s a man in your life and he’s reading this… Dude, I’m talking to you: Google Athol Kay. She doesn’t know why she treats you like you’ve overstayed your welcome, and she can’t change it on her own. What you can do is change your behavior and attitude such that she thinks you’re hot shit again, and everything else will fall into place. You’ll both be way happier. It’ll take a little time and effort, but I’ve done it and it works and it is so worth it.

    Jennifer, if there isn’t a man in your life… Hope you like it that way, or you’ve got very low standards 🙂

    1. And the man in my life is the head of our household. Lovely that your first comment makes so many assumptions.
      He’s very much the alpha male type. Enjoy your petty world, Tony.

    2. Hi Tony. I would be the man in Jennifer’s life. How fitting that you chose “Arbitrary” as a surname! Dude, you don’t even know, and Athol’s got nothing to teach me. I’d tell you about it, but a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell, so to speak. I’d be willing to bet that I, personally could teach you, personally more than a few tricks in fact. If there’s a woman in your life, I hope you have the gumption to do some insane stuff with her every once in a while. Complete, unfaltering sanity is just so boring! Of course, it’s not the only way to keep things interesting, but why limit yourself? Quoting myself from Twitter last night at 8:49 pm, “‘Xcuse me while I stay at home and kiss this shaved head”. But really, thanks for cramming all of us into your tiny little paradigm. I hope that makes you feel comfy and secure.
      Evyl Robot Michael´s last blog post ..A Very Long Pee and Other Delights

    3. Once upon a time, I was sitting in pilot lounge at work, browsing a motorcycle magazine. One of our pilots, a very earnest little man, asked, out of the blue and appropos of completely nothing: “How are you going to feel in ten years when no man wants to marry you because all you’re into is motorcycles and guns and planes.”

      And I replied “How are you going to feel in ten minutes when a girl kicks your ass?

      So, Tony, how will you feel?
      Tam´s last blog post ..The guns of Broad Ripple…

  6. Very nice!! My wife lost all her hair at the beginning of chemo – it was to the middle of her hips and had been that way since our highschool days. We’d been married 10 years . . . . she looked beautiful, though never got used to my wanting to “polish” it. 🙂 Today . . . . 30 years later . . . . she’s just as beautiful.

    Cancer is a journey – and that’s all. Not sure if this is your journey or a friend’s journey, but will tuck you both in my prayers.
    Bill´s last blog post ..NRA Basic Pistol Class 7-29-2012 . . . . Complete!!

  7. Congratulations and enjoy the summer breezes! Thanks for sharting your courage and don’t worry, it will thicken to a winter pelt in due time.
    Some of us older MPB’s are long over the, “it went down to here” (waving arm at shoulder) thing. 🙂
    NotClauswitz´s last blog post ..The Drugged-Up War on America

  8. You look fantastic in every pic. My girls shaved mine for me last year when chemo sent it flying anyway and it makes me question your motivation. I hope that it’s something else. I hope that I’m wrong about your reasons for doing it and pray that you are happy and healthy.

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