Week Two Updates

Sorry I was late with the update this week. I’ve been cracking up at all the new comments I’ve been getting. (By the way, thank you everyone for being so supportive with my stupidity.)

We have two new victims players! My friend in real life and talented composer, The Beej! And my online friend, a nurse and animal lover, Buttercup!

I will continue to accept new people until I can nail down some sort of prize. At that point, I’m sure I will have to have far more official rules at that point. If you want to play, email your weight and measurements and goals if you have them to jennifer AT in jennifershead DOT com.

My personal numbers aren’t really showing it yet, but I feel like all the working out is doing me some good. I’ve gotten past being sore all the time, so I’ll have to add something new. I’m feeling more energetic and wanting to eat everything in sight. And as a bonus, I get to watch NCIS in the gym. I never really watch TV at home, so it’s a rare treat.

And so, without further adieu, the updated stats!

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