Confusing Response From Tuesday Morning

ETA: Tuesday Morning Mall is removing the sign

As I said yesterday, I requested a follow-up from Tuesday Morning Mall regarding the posting of the no weapons sign at their Edmond, OK location.

From: Jennifer
Sent: Friday, August 03, 2012 7:52 AM
To: Customer Service
Subject: Firearms policy: More information requested

Please let me know whether the location in Bryant Square in Edmond, OK is in compliance with your corporate policy by displaying a no weapons sign.  The state of Oklahoma issues conceal carry permits to citizens that have passed multiple background classes and attended specific training in order to carry a firearm.

To which they responded

On Fri, Aug 3, 2012 at 10:38 AM, Customer Service <> wrote:

Thank you for your inquiry.  The Edmond, OK store is in compliance due to the location within school and university property and parking lots.  Special statutes in the state referring to proximity to school premises require the display.

Let us know if you have additional questions, we are happy to assist.

Customer Service

Tuesday Morning, Inc.

1-800-457-0099, ext 7888

Department Hours – Mon-Fri 8:00-5:30 (CST)


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Well that sounds lovely except that location is not located on school or university property. It’s here

View Larger Map

Just in case you aren’t seeing the map, try this link.

You can see the University property in the upper left. No other business in the very same shopping center is posted. So I responded.

That location is not within school/university property.  No other store in the Bryant Square lot is posted.  The adjacent stores do not prohibit legally carried firearms on their property. There is no requirement for the display.
Please provide reference to any special statute that exists for the retail, non-school property where your store is located

I will let you know if and when I get a response.

2 thoughts on “Confusing Response From Tuesday Morning”

  1. I predict what they will come back with is a reference to the federal statute on firearms within 1,000ft (i think that is correct) of a school. Said law, if taken seriously by anyone would exclude gun possession in almost every city. But regardless, the law makes an exception for lawful carry by licensed citizens.
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