Peter’s Perplexing Peter Paper

Peter pontificates on a particular pecker problem. Particularly, pubes. Perplexed, Peter proscribes pruning for increased prominence of protuberance. For a pronounced penis has the potential of power.

Perhaps Peter’s problem is a personal one. Peter seems particularly preoccupied with the public’s un-pruned pubes. Perhaps peeved. Peter has poked his way to the pedestal of the thought provoking debate.

Penis jokes.

Ah yes, properly pruned pubes will push the populace to put down their pistols and parade their package instead. Like porn stars.

Alas, what’s a gun loving girl to do? No amount of plucking or pruning will reveal a prominent penis with which to fend off perpetrators. Perhaps the pistol is a more proper prescription.

15 thoughts on “Peter’s Perplexing Peter Paper”

  1. Peter’s probulations are preceded by personal proclamations of penetrating promiscuity that are proscribed by parochial Puritans and practicing psychologists. He’s a weenie-whacker.
    NotClauswitz´s last blog post ..Fight Back!

  2. What a waste of time reading that tripe from Mr? Auslander. Sounds like jealousy actually. Notice that the dimbulb didn’t allow comments Guess he/she was afraid of the intelligent people said.

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