In my dreams last night, there was some major news story about infidelity.  It started out fairly reasonable with advice and things to watch out for, that kind of thing.  And then the talking heads whipped it all up into some kind of frenzy, enraging housewives across the nation.  Seriously, they were storming offices.

So there I was standing in the parking lot trying to explain to five soccer moms that one: I don’t even have a male subordinate and my male boss isn’t married; two: I don’t know their husbands; and three: even if I did, I wouldn’t be sleeping with them as I am quite happily married myself, when one of the harpies hauls off and punches me in the gut.

I actually cried out in my sleep. I knew I was dreaming at the time, but the reaction was a ‘holy crap that actually hurt!’ It woke me up.  It woke my husband up and caused some concern.  I explained that I was fine and went back to sleep.

The weird part: my abs hurt like hell this morning.  Like some psycho harpy punched me in the gut or something.

Mr. Sandman,

When you bring me a dream,stick with the cutest that I’ve ever seen. Please leave out the violent harpies.Mr. Sandman, take back this dream.

12 thoughts on “Weird”

  1. I rarely remember mine, either, but recall that while dreaming, I’m usually aware that “this is weird, makes no sense…guess I’m dreaming”. Wish I could say that while awake…
    RabidAlien´s last blog post ..Back at it

  2. My wife had a dream where the transformers are making a lake floor near our house and then started killing everyone. It was the good ones not the bad transformers which my son and i both thought was strange. It had been months since we saw those movies so no clue where that can from.

  3. I still remember a dream I had quite some time ago where I and a couple of “friends” (nobody I know in real life) were engaging in combat in a salvage yard against a squad of black-clad ninjas. In the dream I had a G3 and they were using M-4 rifles. I remember I was dueling with one — he’d pop up from behind a barrel then duck down as I popped up to return fire. I stayed up after shooting and when he popped up I shot him. The right side and back of his head exploded and his balaclava flew off in the spray. Just at that moment, one of his buddies popped up to my right, shot me four times in the chest. I felt the bullets entering my chest (it HURT!) and I “died” (fade to black.) I woke up with that side of my chest hurting for several minutes after I’d awakened.

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