The Best Belt

Did you know EvylRobot sells more than just holsters? A great holster needs a great belt, after all. When we started carrying, no one made one.  Kydex cores cracked, nylon curled over and looked terrible with my business casual attire, and straight leather stretched out. So EvylRobot developed his own.

I have personally been wearing one of these since November of 2010, when he first started selling them. And that original still looks like new.

So why mention it now? Because I finally updated! Check it out and tell your friends. (Yeah, the pink alligator one is mine.)


4 thoughts on “The Best Belt”

  1. Indestructible is the right word, too. I have worn mine for going on two years, and it’s been just about everywhere that is hard on a belt. It still looks like new. And it is still stiff enough to hold a holster properly.


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