Best Wedding Gift Ever

Williams Sonoma doesn’t carry it.  I don’t think you can even order it from Amazon.

Brad Pitt bought Angelina Jolie a shooting range and armory as a wedding present.  Good job, cute dancing monkey!

I can think of few gifts that would be more romantic.  And honestly, I think he got the idea from EvylRobot.  Or maybe those Oklahoma boys are just awesome like that.  For our 10 year wedding anniversary, EvylRobot took me out to our own shooting range.  We laid down on a blanket with a couple of rifles and spent the afternoon making targets dance across the field.

(h/t Stranger)

7 thoughts on “Best Wedding Gift Ever”

  1. Aaaaaaaand “making targets dance across the field” is a euphemism for…..

    Still, she’s a lucky gal! Also good to see a Hollywood-type who doesn’t mind making money off guns in movies, but isn’t outspoken against them in the real world.
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