In The Bedroom, With a Candlestick

Colonel Mustard was no where to be found.

This homeowner first decided to be compliant and was bound with duct tape in his own bedroom by an intruder. Suddenly, compliance didn’t really sound like the best course of action.  So, Tim got nimble; Tim got quick; Tim grabbed a candlestick!

Now, I’m very glad that Tim survived this particular encounter. It serves as a great reminder that the weapon is between your ears. With the odds stacked against him, Tim improvised.  Good!

But, Tim also had a firearm in a place where the bad guy could get to it before he could.  Bad.

And Tim didn’t get perforated by his own gun because it only had one bullet, and it wasn’t in the chamber.  He got lucky. Ugly.

Your home is no place for a fair fight*. Stack the deck against anyone that should decide to enter your home uninvited.  Keep your best defensive tools close and at the ready. Don’t put your hope in the benevolence of criminals.

*In a fair fight, there are referees; the only things at stake are trophies, medals, and pride.  If your life is at stake, don’t fight fair.



5 thoughts on “In The Bedroom, With a Candlestick”

  1. If you are fighting for your life, there is no time or place for a fair fight, be it home or elsewhere. Of course, one never knows how one will initially react to such a threat nor how one will act after the initial reaction. Although, if you train for a variety of such encounters, you are much more likely to take the correct course of action, in any type of life threatening situation, one geared not at surrender but toward fighting for your life and possibly those of your loved ones.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  2. I believe it was Earl Harbinger who said “If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck!”
    Words to live (a good, long life) by…

  3. Interesting. I’ve always wondered why people are initially compliant, then work their way into a really bad situation before they take the initiative. Opportunity, I guess. Then there is the old man in the news that got his .22 rifle, sat and waited for the bad guys, then blew away the first one through the door. Also, he was absolutely unrepentant (and even a little belligerent), which I thought was awesome.
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