So In Protest of Being Portrayed As Violent and Hateful

Radical Islamists do something violent and hateful. Good job changing hearts and minds!

Apparently some movie is coming out and the goat-humpers are all butt hurt that it portrays them in a negative light.  Religion of Peace and all.  And so they do what all rational people of some given faith do when offended, they throw bombs, kill an ambassador, and drag his body through the streets. Yeah, carrying him to the hospital.  Sure they were.

Yeah, just like how all the Christians have reacted to all the unflattering portrayals in media.  Or, you know, not. Even the radicals among us that we’d like to ban from calling themselves Christian do nothing more malicious than hold up offensive signs and call people names.

Meanwhile, our illustrious Dear Reader rallies the awesome power of the United States by nuking them from orbit condemning their actions with powerful words and an ultimatum to turn over those responsible or be reduced to a shimmery spot in the desert an apology for some dancing monkey’s insensitivity.


A US Embassy sits on sovereign, US soil regardless of where it is located in the world.  An attack on US soil is an act of war. Period.  Full Stop.

Your words may sound pretty, but unless there is a warship parked off the shores on Cairo and Benghazi, they ring hollow.


5 thoughts on “So In Protest of Being Portrayed As Violent and Hateful”

  1. Problem is, there are a lot of Muslims over in that area who actually have read the Koran and try to live by its intended peaceful message. I have no problem with them, and will support their rights to their beliefs. Now, if we could get all of the militant I-hate-everyone-cuz-my-daddy-loved-a-goat-more-than-me types into one area, I’m all for reducing our stockpile of nuclear weapons…this will rid the world of a nasty roach infestation, make the hippy-types happier (less nukes is good, right?), and provide the middle east with a new export….glass that glows in the dark! And lookie, if you use it in your greenhouses, your 20-pound tomatoes will help feed a third-world country! Its a win all around!

    Until we can be assured of all the scumbags in one spot, though, I’m afraid its the long slog through the villages, trying to fight an enemy that’s too cowardly to put on a uniform and stand up, instead of hiding behind the innocents. I actually have more respect for lawyers and politicians than a “warrior” who has to cower behind women and children.
    RabidAlien´s last blog post ..More Bad News

  2. No, Rabid Alien…the message of the Qur’an is neither ‘peaceful,’ nor is it intended to be. The earlier, ‘peaceful’ verses are abrogated by the later ‘kill the infidel’ verses, and every single Muslim knows it. Islam is not a ‘peaceful religion’…in fact, it isn’t even a religion at all. It is an evil, totalitarian, barbaric sociopolitical cancer upon civilization, wearing the disguise of a religion.

    I’ve actually read the Qur’an, in order of ‘revelation,’ with full understanding of the concepts of ‘abrogation and taqiyyah–have you?
    Wraith´s last blog post ..Let me save some time…

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