KTKC: Thrown Gauntlets, Challenges, One-Upsmanship

Heh.  You boys may have a ‘stash to shave.  Or half shave.

You may even have junk to wax and wail about.

I have neither.  But I do have a shiny black latex PVC catsuit.

What? Not high enough resolution for you?

I promise, it exists. See?

But you see, I’m not sharing it right now.  You’re going to have to earn it, my dears.

It’s easy.  Put EvylRobot in the top 3, I publish a high resolution version. 2nd place, and I’ll take some bonus pics. And if he wins? Well I’ll let him tell you about that.

Give generously.  Every dollar counts.


11 thoughts on “KTKC: Thrown Gauntlets, Challenges, One-Upsmanship”

    1. Careful AD.
      This is the internet.
      The internet exists for only four things.
      1.) Sex/Porn.
      2.) Pictures of cats with silly captions.
      3.) Idjits arguing with other idjits.
      4.) Sex/Porn.

      A lot of folks will want to see Jennifer in the catsuit.
      A number, disturbingly, will also want to see you in the aforementioned suit.

      Be afraid dude.

      Oh, and I just chipped in my contribution.
      I voted for the catsuit. 😉

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