2009 Challenge: Week 3ish

Um, so I didn’t really want to tell you. I gained 2 pounds this week. Overall, I have not lost anything. In fact, I have gained .5 pounds over the course of this thing.

I choose to claim that it is due to gaining more dense muscle mass and has absolutely nothing to due with the cheesecake and pasta of awesomeness I ate this week. Nothing. At. All.

Because anything that is this beautiful, can’t be bad

Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake

Yeah, the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory looks just like that when they serve it. And it’s about four inches tall. And had nothing to do with the two pound weight gain this week. I only ate half of it.

Michael ate the other half in hopes of gaining weight. It didn’t work.
thus proving my theory that it had absolutely nothing to do with my weight gain.

I’m missing a few updates still. *ahem* But I am posting what I have received. I happen to know that the Beej is ill and thus is excused. And Buttercup has discovered an improved method for weigh ins. We’ll just have to see how that works out 🙂

edited. I had wrong numbers. All fixed now

5 thoughts on “2009 Challenge: Week 3ish”

  1. I bet you don’t feel like a skinny bitch anymore!
    Davo feels like a big man hiding behind his anonymity. Maybe someday he’ll venture out of his parent’s basement. Or possibly reach a stage of wittiness that will allow him to open the jar where his mom keeps his balls. Not that he’d be able to see them anyway. It’s okay Davo, maybe someday the world will understand the extra special sweet, sweet lovin’ between a troll and a pygmy goat.-Jen

  2. DAVO, you are the kind of turd that can only be tough and clever when sniping from cover.

    Go back to your WoW game and leave the rest of the internet to the adults.

  3. You are being too hard on Davo. It’s not often that he gets to use big words like ‘anymore.’ We ought to celebrate his obviously finite amount of wit rather than ridicule him for living in his mother’s basement and because his balls haven’t dropped yet. Poor little guy! It’s in that spirit of encouragement that I say, Good one, Davo! Keep up the effort, stretch your mind, and work hard. Who knows? One day, you could amount to middle management for a fast-food chain! Oh, the possibilities…

  4. Good luck with the challenge of losing all your weight. Maybe having a nemesis will motivate you to work harder…..Mom says it’s past my bedtime now, G’night!

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