Not Snow

This may look like snow in my front yard.
not snow in my front yard

But I assure you that it is not.  This is sleet.

See the block of ice on wheels in my driveway?

frozen car

Notice how there are no tracks in the street.  No one in my neighborhood has felt like chancing that mess.  This picture was taken at about 8:30 this morning.  Yes, it’s a work day.

(more pictures after the break)

It was still coming down.

roof line

It’s hard to tell where the roof line ends and the sky begins.

And an all-natural sleet cushion!

sleet cushion

I know, bad pun.  Here’s another.


Ice-cycle.  Get it?  Icicle?  Nevermind.

I think I may go have some hot cocoa.  With bourbon.  Before 10 AM.  Because it doesn’t look like I’m going anywhere.  I’ll just sit here and enjoy the global warming.

9 thoughts on “Not Snow”

  1. I can’t imagine hoping for such devestation! Inst, in your neck of the woods, if you got weather like this, all it would take is one genius to try to move his car from where it’s parked on the street. The roads there are so steep, you would have an avalanche of cars and bicycles, food carts, and hippies, and they wouldn’t stop until they slid into the ocean! On second thought, that would be cool! If you ever get an ice storm there, I want pics and possibly video.

  2. Oh, speaking of global warming and ice we watched Babylon AD last night with Vin Diesel.

    It set in the future and Vin had to take some Super Virgin Mary girl from Russia into the US and when they went across the Bering Strait they had to make the comments about how the “Ice is getting thinner every year.”

    Plus, as they got close to the American side they show these dead polar bears. Mama bear, Papa bear and baby bear – I swear! No Goldilocks though, that would have been good.

  3. Why is it that when someone goes to visit another place and stay a couple of years, they have to complain about the place. Sheesh, if you don’t like the place, no one is forcing you to stay. I guess the schools are so good you couldn’t find them elsewhere and had to come here. Don’t let the door hit you as you leave.

  4. Actually SMM, I was born here in Oklahoma, and I love it. I enjoy our eccentric weather. I am not a big fan of cold, but I can deal.
    From your especially hospitable nature, I’m assuming you aren’t from around here.

  5. Oh wow Jennifer…I would love to have some of that here in Virginia. Send some my way would you? Just enough to make everything pretty but not enough to keep the kids home for more then a day at the most!

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