Why Blog? For The Attention

Yep.  I’m standing over here in my little section of tubes waving my arms around saying ‘Look at me!’  I have thoughts and words and stuff that I think you should see. Me! Me! Me!

Well, it kinda sorta started out that way anyway.  Also, it served as a pressure valve even if I was just releasing thoughts out into the ether, at least they were out there rather than rattling around as amorphous blobs in my head.  Typing them out gave them shape. Then people started to read and comment and I discovered that the whole world had not, in fact, gone completely insane.  Or maybe it had, but there was at least a subgroup of people with insanity complimentary to my own.

You have to admit, going to the first blogmeet feels pretty insane.

Coworker: Hey Jennifer, what are you doing this weekend?

Jennifer: Going out of town to meet up with people from the internet with guns.

Coworker: Do you know these people?

Jennifer: We’ve talked online…

Coworker: Uh huh. (remembers all the warnings about online dating.) If you don’t come back, I’ve got dibs on your stapler.

Ok, so it wasn’t exactly like that.  No one wants my stapler. But we threw caution to the wind and hit the highway. I’m so glad we did. We survived that one and then some.  You see that long list of bloggers I’ve met*? They’re awesome people and totally not imaginary. And mostly not insane or at least it’s a charming kind of insanity (you know who you are).

This year’s Blogorado (which is more family reunion than blogmeet) brought new additions JayG, Weer’d, Peter, Miss D, and Gay_Cynic. Friends that I finally shared real space with.  Got to hug them and everything. And of course, reuniting with dear friends that I don’t see enough-LabRat and Stingray, Ambulance Driver, Tam, Christina, Phlegmmy, AEPilotJim, Spear, Jason**, LawDog, SCI-FI and mrsSciFi, MattG, Johnny, Holly, Salamander, and of course FarmGirl, Farmmom, and FarmDad. I’m sure I’ve left someone out and I’m going to feel terrible when I figure out who it is.

There was waxing. There was shaving. There was a man in a dress. Yes, there was me in a PVC catsuit (which did not survive the weekend). There was eating. There was shooting.  There was more eating.  And drinking.  And a grown man in footie pajamas in a giant chair. Plenty of insanity, all of the charming kind. Prairie dogs were dispatched (alas, not by me). A refrigerator was burned (that was me). These are my people.  The family blogging brought.

I’ve still got pictures and stories to share and some to keep for myself.  I may have started this blogging adventure for the attention, but I keep at it for the connection. I don’t expect to change the world with my words, but the people I’ve met have made my world a better place.

*if I’m missing anyone, please let me know.

**added-thank you




20 thoughts on “Why Blog? For The Attention”

  1. For me it started after my mom died, I needed an out to just talk. It has sort of change to just daily life, pictures of the kiddo, which branched out again to cooking. I think we all hope and wish that someone comes along to read our blogs and my biggest hope is to find friendship in people and maybe my words would help reach someone who is lost or searching for something.
    Jalissa Lowry´s last blog post ..A light has gone out

  2. How about the other ” soon to be gunsmith ” and current reprobate Jason that Spear drug over .. i know you met him for the first time this trip , and suspect he might just be a fixture around blogarado for a few years .

  3. That weekend was no different than any others of similar meet-ups. As a general rule if I’ve talked to somebody regularly online is no different than talking with somebody regularly over the phone, or at the local coffee shop.

    I think people put too much weight on the actual meatspace side of things. We all knew each other before we physically met, and then we physically met.
    Weer’d Beard´s last blog post ..It IS a Form of Exercise….

  4. I too have experienced this. The first time I met a Blogger in meatspace I freaked out. I now consider him to be a good friend as well as several more. I would have never found you or your talented husband if not for this space of mildly disturbed electrons.

    I am thankful for that!
    keads´s last blog post ..I am weak

  5. I blog in the faint hope that someday I will be blessed with a golden ticket to Blogorado.

    But yes, Blogmeets are excellent when everyone gets together.

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