Promises, Promises

So there was catsuit promised and a man in a dress

Yes, click for bigger.


The fridge, the fridge, the fridge is on fire!

And there was a video promised…

Again, thank you everyone for donating, linking, etc. You all rock.

26 thoughts on “Promises, Promises

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  2. How you guys are going to top this next year actually frightens me.
    Air support and lingerie?

    Jealous of both of you.

    And I’ve spent too much time at Appleseed apparently because this nagging voice in my ear kept saying, “get that trigger leg up and out more.” Sigh…..


  3. For next year it is gonna be easier: If we don’t reach our goal, you get a a personalized picture of HIM wearing the catsuit.

    Although I think the ladies wearing the Kilts would attract more monies.
    Miguel´s last blog post ..Why we win…

  4. I was just over the hill during that, trying to pop the same paint bucket with an SMLE and a box of 70 year old ammo.

    Evyl Robot: A Little Black Dress needs no more adornment than perhaps a choker neclace.
    Matt G´s last blog post ..Micro climate.

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