Over Heard This Morning

Me: I get to put out fires today!

EvylRobot: So how is that different from any other day?

Me: These are literal fires.  The fire fighters are going to light them.

ER: Oh yeah! You’ve got fire training today.

Alas, a cold front has rolled in and the fire department has declared it unsafe to set our parking lot on fire today and hand extinguishers to high-heeled accounting types.  Just another day at the office…

Fun fact, when you light a large pan of diesel on fire, there is a lot of smoke.  Almost enough smoke to obscure the tears of Al Gore.

8 thoughts on “Over Heard This Morning”

    1. Wind does change the dynamics of fire by a significant amount, especially when the exercise is meant to be familiarity with the equipment.

      I might save the realistic scenario until at least 3/4ths of the class actually demonstrates familiarity with the basic, clean room procedure. And overcomes excitement at the basic, “Ooh! There is a fire!”

      What with electric kitchens and central air, and bans on burning trash, there are likely too many people with no experience of an open flame.
      Brad K.´s last blog post ..Stanford find “Organic” label doesn’t add value. Huh.

  1. Huh…office workers and fire extinguishers….what are the odds SOMEBODY wanted to try an office chair rodeo! (those things can work up some G-forces when you sit in a swiveling computer chair and direct the nozzle to the side)

    Strange though.. in my last job (Hvy Mfg.) there were fire extinguishers all over the shop (damn near every pillar), yet in the 15 years I was there not ONCE did we have a training day like that where we were allowed to actually set one off.

    Things they tell you, but don’t have MEANING until you actually encounter it: The nozzle WILL have thrust… and quite a bit of it. It damn near tries to jump out of your hand the first time you trigger it. Hold it a LOT more firmly than you think you need to…then hold it a bit more!

    Also…they always say ‘aim at the BASE of the fire’, which is good, but I’ve found some people don’t parse ‘base’ the same as others. I like to say ‘Aim at the FUEL, not the FLAME, and act like you’re hosing off your driveway’. That usually gets the point across with less confusion.

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