I Knew I Should Have Worn Different Shoes

It’s just so hard to get blood off of nice shoes, and it’s rather precarious to navigate in 4″ heels.  The peep toe was probably unwise as well.

They were so right about open carry.  It’s like the wild west out my window.  Blood flowing down the street.  The horror. And the hoodlums are just disarming people right and left.  Those they don’t disarm, they are just taking out first so they don’t meet any resistance. And the police are too busy proning out everyone since they can’t tell good guys from the bad. Complete and utter mayhem.

Except, of course, not. Not that I’ve been anywhere other than the office, but I’ve yet to see a single openly carried handgun.  And even here in the ninth most violent big city in America, I haven’t heard a single scream or siren today.  Gee, you’d almost think people got their underthings in a wad for nothing. Personally, I’m way more freaked out by machete guy.  That dude is creepy.

10 thoughts on “I Knew I Should Have Worn Different Shoes”

  1. Nuthin wrong with Machete Guy that a little hearts and minds won’t cure.

    Two to the heart.
    One to the mind.

    Peep toes, 4″ heels, and a .45 in Flat Dark Earth….
    Remind your mate what a lucky bugger he is.


  2. I had no idea it was the 9th most dangerous city. Well, more guns laws should fix that right up. If they disarm the populous then may be you all could move up to 7 or even 6!

    Glad to see it going in the opposite direction by granting you the rights you already should have.
    a girl and her gun´s last blog post ..BUG

  3. Once you exclude most druggie-on-druggie violence, the chances of being around or involved in violent crime are pretty darned small. It’s rather similar to the way you really don’t often have to deal with loud, obnoxious, stupid drunks if you don’t go to bars.

    And if you have a gun, the chance of being the victim of a violent encounter drop radically, just because you’re more likely to be alert, unlikely to start fights, and not look like an easy mark to start with.

    Congrats on open carry! Enjoy not having to worry about cover shirts in the summer, or clothes riding up the rest of the year ’round!
    Wing and a Whim´s last blog post ..Grins and giggles

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