This Is My Vote

This is my vote.

There are many like it, but this one is mine.

-with apologies

Tomorrow, I will show my ID and sign in.  The nice old ladies will hand me a piece of heavy paper and a pen.  I will take these to one of  cardboard podiums erected to give me some privacy while I commune with the electoral system. Once I’ve finished filling in all the spaces representing my voice, I’ll feed it into a machine. The nice old man will smile and give me a sticker. It’s the usual ritual.  Yours probably looks a little different, but it’s basically the same in the end.

And then, like all of you, I will wait for the results to roll in.  Predictions? My state will be red when the map is done.  As far as the rest goes, we shall see, but at least we’ll be done with this part. I wish that was the end of it, but I really don’t believe it will be.

I expect legal challenges, recounts, conspiracy theories, and the like.  Will the idiots make good on the threats of riots? I wouldn’t count it out. Personally, I’d rather seem paranoid than be caught unprepared.  I am far from alone in that feeling. You should never take your safety and security for granted, and I suggest you be extra diligent in the coming days.


5 thoughts on “This Is My Vote”

  1. The other day someone had a link to a thread on Fark which broke down to: “I don’t care about all those tweets, saying blacks might riot if Obama loses is racist!”, etc. One of the early comments should be preserved as evidence of stupid:
    shiat, if Obama loses you can hand me a torch. I’ll be right there with ’em.
    If Democracy fails that horribly, it’s time to burn this society down and start over.

    Isn’t that wonderful?
    Firehand´s last blog post ..Another piece of verse on Benghazi,

  2. Mrs.Alien and I picked up a couple of items this weekend, in case the insanity spreads to the Dallas area. Stuff that we should already have had around the house, or in our BOB’s, but hey, we’re building up slowly, as funding allows!

    Love that tweet….so, from that, I can infer that “democracy” means “voting the way I want you to”. That is so far beyond a facepalm moment that it HAD to have come from either an Ivy-league college or a public education.
    RabidAlien´s last blog post ..Dallas Arboretum

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