We Had Our Annual Health Screening

You know, if they are going to insist that I delay my morning coffee and then stab me in the finger, it is nice when they tell me I have an ‘optimal amount of body fat.’ Now that’s a compliment.  Boys, you might try that one next time a girl asks you about how her derriere looks in those pants, just saying.

I can just hear it in some R&B number.

Ooh girl! You got it goin’ on.

You got an optimal amount of body fat.

Oh my! That BMI

You know what I’m gettin’ at.

Ah yeah

Come on girl.

All your lipoproteins are high density


Top of the charts, baby. I’m going to be the 1% with these song writing skills.

Or, maybe I just need that coffee…

4 thoughts on “We Had Our Annual Health Screening”

  1. According to the charts, at almost 5 foot 9, I need to lose 34 pounds. My bp is 105 over 58. My cholesterday is in the low one teens, my blood sugar is about 80. I get carded at every store that cards “below 40”. My boyfriend is 24 years younger than me though I can reload just slightly faster.

    I won’t be mistaken for a supermodel or asked to be on any reality shows for my bod, but screw the damn charts.

    Glad the news is good,, and your optimum body fat makes us all jealous.

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